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How You Talk to Yourself

    Posted on Tuesday, October 15 , 2013    Category: Fitness

Changing one word can help you lose more weight. Eighty percent of women in a study stuck with their diets by changing one word when talking about forbidden foods. One word might not sound like much, but it can be very powerful when you’re trying to be good! Study participants who said “I don’t eat that” were able to resist foods much better than people who said, “I can’t eat that.” Eighty percent of the “I don’t eat that” group stuck with their diets, compared with only 10% of those who said “I can’t eat that”! Every little thing helps when you’re dieting, so in addition to choosing foods wisely and exercising, why not change the way you talk to yourself? You’ve got everything to lose!

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Upgrade Your Power Strip

    Posted on Monday, October 14 , 2013    Category: Home

Most of us have an array of unattractive power strips lying around the house, sending our TVs, computers, lamps and other devices the power they need. They’re ugly but necessary. Good news: There are all sorts of new shapes and styles of power strips that help organize the growing array of electric cords. For example, there’s the elegant InvisiPlug, the playful Bolt and the bendable Quirky. The InvisiPlug comes in wood tones and makes a welcome change from the traditional putty-white power cords. ($15 at Amazon.com) Or you could go the other way and buy a power strip that calls attention to itself like the Bolt. It’s bright yellow and shaped like a lightning bolt, so it will look great feeding power to your computer or as a fun accessory in a kid’s room ($20). If you have a lot of really large plugs, try the Quirky. It’s divided into six sections that pivot so you can get all those huge plugs into a single power strip or bend the plug around the leg of a table or into a corner ($28).

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Amaze Yourself

    Posted on Friday, October 11 , 2013    Category: Emotional Health

Dedicating a little time every day to a project you’ve been meaning to tackle can move that stubborn project along and make you feel more fulfilled. If you’ve always wanted to meditate, clean the garage, learn a craft or create a Web site, now is the perfect time to get going. The secret is to use whatever little bits of time you can during the day. Instead of watching another TV program that you’re not really interested in, take 10 minutes and declutter a corner of the garage or meditate. You’ll be surprised at how fast these little projects build momentum with just a few minutes a day. By this time next year, you’ll be amazed at your progress. So what are you waiting for?!

Tell us in the comments section about the project you’re dying to start.

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Supercharge Your Salad

    Posted on Thursday, October 10 , 2013    Category: Food

Sometimes fresh isn’t best. The next time you’re having salad, chop your lettuce an hour or two before you’re ready to eat it. This simple prep step can double the cancer-fighting, health-building antioxidants in your lettuce. Lettuce releases compounds meant to protect the leaves from insects when cut, and these compounds are beneficial to humans. And if you want to make a garlic vinaigrette to go with your salad, you can get even more disease-fighting power by letting the garlic sit for 10 to 15 minutes after you chop it. Garlic releases disease-fighting compounds when cut, but these compounds need time to develop. So be patient with your food, and live a healthier life!

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Easy Strength Builder

    Posted on Wednesday, October 09 , 2013    Category: Fitness

Here’s a surprising way to build some muscle—use lighter weights! A study published in Journal of Applied Physiology showed that this alternative approach to lifting built muscle and improved strength just as much as a rigorous weight-lifting regimen with much heavier weights. This technique guards against injury and is much easier on the joints. It’s so simple that almost anyone can do it and get stronger. All you have to do is lift much less weight but with more repetitions. This is great for people with joint problems that prevent them from lifting very heavy weights but want to do something to get stronger. The key to this technique is to work the muscle to the point of fatigue. With a heavy weight, that comes pretty fast, so you’ll be exercising a bit longer with a light one. But at the end of the day, you’ll be stronger—the easier way!

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Curb Cravings With Sweet Smells

    Posted on Tuesday, October 08 , 2013    Category: Food

The next time you’re craving a snack, have a sniff of dark chocolate. A recent study found that smelling dark chocolate suppressed hunger hormones as well as actually eating the chocolate. So keep a square of dark chocolate handy, and use it as a tool to keep cravings at bay. Think of it as a no-calorie treat! And if the scent no longer helps you to fight your cravings, then eat some. But take your time and chew it slowly—really experience it. Dark chocolate is full of healthy antioxidants, so a little bit, whether just the scent or the real deal, is good for you.

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Give Your Friends Your Favorites

    Posted on Monday, October 07 , 2013    Category: Relationships

A book that changed your life can be an amazing gift to give a close friend. When you pass on the book, you can explain to the person how Moby Dick made you crave clam chowder and began your love affair with sailing...how Leaves of Grass encouraged you to walk barefoot in the summer and become an amateur botanist...or how the adventure of The Hunger Gamesthrilled you like a nonstop roller coaster ride. Your friend will know that he or she is in for a real treat!

What book would you give away and why? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Forest Bathing for Better Health

    Posted on Friday, October 04 , 2013    Category: Fitness

Taking a walk in the forest can help you stay healthy. In Japan, the practice is called shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing.” All you have to do is find a wooded area and get walking! Enjoy the sights and sounds, the smells and the atmosphere of the forest. Researchers studying forest bathing say the practice stimulates the production of cancer-fighting natural killer cells. They believe that while walking in the forest, people breathe in beneficial essential oils from the trees and that boosts the immune system. No matter how it works, it’s a great reason to get out and enjoy the beauty of the forest!

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Portable Art Gallery

    Posted on Thursday, October 03 , 2013    Category: Fun and Games

Turn your tablet computer into a portable art gallery. Click on “Images” at Google.com, and search for the name of your favorite artist—Picasso...El Greco...Man Ray...or whoever else moves you. You can save the images you like best to your tablet and have something beautiful and inspiring with you all the time. (Press the image and hold until options for saving it pop up.) Google makes it easy to find the painting or photograph that you love. For example, if you search for “Picasso,” it will break the images into his most famous paintings, his early work, Cubist period, etc. For other artists, you may see options such as portraits, landscapes, sculptures or collage. Google also lets you choose what size image you want to see (press “Search tools”). You can specify large files for the best quality...or medium ones if you don’t have a lot of space on your tablet. You can even select a certain color, in case you want to see paintings in the same color palette. Who's your favorite artist?

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Enjoy Some Cold Coffee

    Posted on Wednesday, October 02 , 2013    Category: Food

Cold-pressed coffee is a great way to enjoy a full-bodied, less acidic cup of your favorite morning beverage. Make a batch today, and you won’t have to worry about making a pot of coffee for a week! Start with one cup of medium-ground coffee and four-and-a-half cups of water. Combine in a large French press or a mason jar. Let it sit at room temperature for 12 hours. If you’re using a French press, plunge it...if you’re using a mason jar, strain the coffee grounds through a paper coffee filter or cheesecloth. Put the strained coffee in a sealable container, and store it in the fridge. Next time you want a cup of coffee, just use about one-third of a cup of this concentrate and add hot water to taste. It’s great for iced coffee as well!

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